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Professional Development Workshops, Training, and Courses

Common Sense Economics for Life is a power-packed course.  It can be used by professional development coordinators, Centers for Economic Education, and Councils for Economic Education to assist K-16 educators interested in making teaching economics and personal finance fun and relevant.

The course pairs the economics primer Common Sense Economics: What Everyone Should Know about Wealth and Prosperity (St. Martin’s Press, 2016) with short video clips, classic readings, podcasts, social media posts and innovative homework assignments. The “read, watch, listen, and do” approach is used to make learning both easy and fun. The reading assignments are compact and the videos, podcasts, and assignments re-enforce each other in a manner that assures mastery of the learning objectives. Even if you have never taken an online course before, you will find this one user-friendly, exciting and informative.  

A brief overview of the course and accompanying covered concepts and topics is available here – Overview Basic Economics and Practical Personal Finance.

Learn more or inquire about an educators’ course by emailing the Common Sense Economics Event Manager.  Individuals who complete the course offered by your organization with an 80 percent or higher on the exams and quizzes will receive a certificate of completion from the Economic Education Center at Lindenwood University.  If prearranged, teachers may qualify for continuing education hours.  

Educators interested in earning university credit on top of the Common Sense Economics for Life webinar certificate of completion can explore options. Contact Dr. Grant Black, Economic Education Center, Lindenwood University. 



Schedule a Common Sense Economics Workshop

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Schedule a workshop for 25 or more teachers.  Email Dr. Tawni Hunt Ferrarini.

Free K-12 Teacher Webinars

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Professional Development Webinars
($0 registration fee)
See schedule and register now

The Council for Economic Education is pleased to offer professional development webinars for teachers nationwide. The webinars cover multiple topics on how to integrate personal finance and economics in the classroom and create a fun learning experience for your students.

When you attend the webinar(s), you will leave with relevant lessons, resources, and tools that can be implemented the next day in your classroom. 

Interested in cooperative credit? Contact Dr. Grant Black at

Invite an author to campus!

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Invite an author to campus. With advance planning, James Gwartney, Joe Calhoun, or Tawni Ferrarini will join you on your campus. Questions or want to contact one of the authors? Contact Jami McDermott at

Free economics badges and courses!

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Teachers identify how to engage your students in meaningful ways. Let them hone their economic reasoning skills and apply them to a variety of real-world settings including, but not limited to, personal finance and public policy.  Students can earn badges that can be listed on college applications, job applications, and social media accounts.  These badges include:  12 Key Elements, Why Nations Prosper, The Economics of Government, and Personal Finance.  Contact Dr. Tawni Ferrarini to set up your customized massive online course or you, the instructor, want classroom activities for students. Students can register for one of four badges:  Common Sense Economics Boot Camp; Common Sense Economics: Why Nations Prosper; Common Sense Economics:  Government versus Market Allocations; and Common Sense Personal Finance.








Student Programs ($0)

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Do you know a high school or college student interested in attending a program in economics, personal finance, or entrepreneurship? The Common Sense Economics network is made up of professionals, industry leaders, scholars, coders, philanthropists, and high achieving students who want to reach out. Bring programs to your campus or bring students to one of our college affiliates. They will send students on a journey of discovery, connection, empowerment, and fun. 

Program partners include the Foundation for Economic Education (FEE), The Free To Choose Network,, The Fraser Institute, and the Federal Reserve Bank of STL and Kansas.Contact now.


Students will be inspired about using economic reasoning to understand the world in which they live. They sill discover the relationship between living meaningful lives and free markets and learn more about ethical entrepreneurship, personal character, and active leadership. 

Meet and Greet at the Association of Private Enterprise Education (APEE) Conference!

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Join Tawni Hunt Ferrarini (Lindenwood University), Joe Calhoun (Florida State University), and Signe Thomas (Stavros Center for Economic Education at the Florida State University).  See what is new in the Common Sense Economics portfolio of classroom and course resources.  We will be presenting at the 43rd Annual Meetings ~ April 1-4, 2018 ~ at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas.  Register now.

Timely Topics! Why Nations Prosper: North and South Korea

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Apply Part 2 of Common Sense Economics “Why Do Nations Prosper” to explain why North Korea is dark as a dungeon at night while South Korea looks like Las Vegas on steroids!