Testimonials of past and present

“Economic journalism is often based on slip-shod analysis; scientific treatises are analytically coherent, but unintelligible. This book is an effort to bridge the awesome gap between these levels of discourse. Solid economic analysis, simply presented.”
  – James Buchanan, 1986 Nobel Prize Winner

“Splendid and informed exposition of the basic principles of economics. The economics is sophisticated, the exposition simple, concise, lucid, and free from jargon.”
  – Milton Friedman, 1976 Nobel Prize Winner

“This book provides the ABCs of how the world creates wealth without anyone having to be in charge because of market incentives-people are free to specialize, and by focusing on what they can do best for themselves, do unintended good for the rest of us. There is no other route to human betterment and poverty reduction.”
  – Vernon L. Smith, 2002 Nobel Prize Winner

“Common Sense Economics takes the economic way of thinking to the next level. If every high school graduate understood the principles in this book, people would make wiser choices as consumers, producers, and citizens and the United States would be more prosperous.”  
– John Morton, former vice president for Program Development, Council on Economic Education

“Voters, young and old, will welcome a set of crystal clear, time-tested, and logical economic principles which address building national prosperity, personal wealth, and bringing efficiency to government. Common Sense Economics opens the door to rational economic, political, and personal choices. It offers a nearly indispensable path to clear thinking. It is perfect for both high school and college students.”
– Mark C. Schug, Professor Emeritus, University of Wisconsin Milwaukee

“The authors tell us what everyone should know about economics in language we can all understand. It’s refreshing, when five of the best in the profession avoid the all-too-common practice of writing in a code that only other economists can comprehend.”
– Robert McTeer, former President, Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas

“Common Sense Economics makes economic principles as obvious and simple as they can be. By weaving careful reasoning with memorable examples and clear writing, the authors explain how economies grow (or don’t grow); how prices coordinate economic activity; and how governments promote or deter economic progress. This is an extraordinary contribution to economic education.” 
– Kenneth G. Elzinga, Robert C. Taylor Professor of Economics, University of Virginia

“I gave a copy of Common Sense Economics to one of my colleagues who teaches accounting here. He read it this weekend and thought it was so good that he is considering paying his students (half the cost) to read it. We both think the lessons are perfect.”

– Kelly Hunter Markson, Instructor of Economics, Wake Technical Community College

“My high school students really enjoy this book. It is easy for them to understand and it presents important economic concepts in plain language using clear, often clever, examples. They read the whole book, and we discuss it page by page. I believe they get more out of it than their regular text.”
– David Gardner, Principal and Teacher, Frederica Academy

“This book forms a bridge between common sense and the basic principles of economics. It is a guide to sound economic reasoning for everyone. Its language is relatively simple, clear and straightforward without being oversimplified and without sacrificing the really important insights and conclusions. It is a book with a strong message – economic progress is the result of competitive markets, of individual initiatives and of the limited role of the government.”
  – Václav Klaus, President, Czech Republic