PowerPoints and Small Group Discussion Questions

  • The PowerPoints can be used by instructors to guide lectures or help students take notes.The following downloads will help you guide students through important topics, concepts and applications connected to the assigned reading, videos, podcasts, activities and assignments.  Instructors may encourage students to download them, print them in note-taking format and use them to organize notes.  They help students combine common sense with basic principles of economics in order to understand and explain how the world works from the perspective of economists.
  • The small group questions were prepared by the authors of Common Sense Economics. They provide classroom instructors and small group leaders with stimulating ideas that will promote discussion of the major points of the book. Under Student Resources at the Common Sense Economics companion website, students receive their own distinct set of questions. Answering these questions helps students structure their reading efforts. This prepares them for lively classroom discussions.

Instructor’s PowerPoints and Presentation Slides

  • Part 1 Twelve Key Elements of Economics – PPTX (2016) | PDF (2016) or PPTX (2010) | PDF (2010)
  • Part 2 Seven Major Sources of Economic Progress – PPTX (2016) | PDF (2016) or PPTX (2010) | PDF (2010)
  • Part 3 Ten Elements of Economic Thinking about the Role of Government – PPTX (2016) | PDF (2016) or PPTX (2010) | PDF (2010)
  • Part 4 Twelve Key Elements of Practical Personal Finance – PPTX (2016) | PDF (2016) or PPTX (2010) | PDF (2010)
  • Module A Demand, Supply, Dynamic Change, and Price Controls – PPTX | PDF
  • Module B GDP, Inflation, and Unemployment – PPTX | PDF
  • Module C Fiscal and Monetary Policy – PPTX | PDF
  • Module D The Economics of the Great Depression and Great Recession – PPTX | PDF
  • Module E Economics, Work, and Happiness – PPTX | PDF
  • Module F Economics, Markets, and Morality – PPTX | PDF
  • Module G The Economics of Poverty – PPTX | PDF
  • Module H The Economics of the Environment – PPTX | PDF
  • Module I Smart Choices for Earning More Income PPTX | PDF
  • Module J Smart Choices for Managing Credit – PPTX | PDF
  • Module K Smart Choices for Saving and Investing – PPTX | PDF
  • Module L Smart Choices for Insurance – PPTX | PDF

Instructor’s Guide for Classroom Discussion Topics and Questions