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Common Sense Economics or Common Sense Personal Finance


Common Sense Economics has been taught across the United States. For more than fifteen years, it has been offered universities, community colleges, and high schools. For example, it has been offered at Florida State University (ECO 2000, 3 undergraduate credit hours) and Northern Michigan University (EC101, 4 undergraduate credit hours). It has been offered as a seated, blended, and fully online class across high schools. It is currently be taught on both campuses as an introductory course to economics, with special attention drawn to those learning needs of students planning to complete only one economics course for life. This course has proven both incredibly effective and unusually popular among students.

The Common Sense Economics course shell has also been used to teach economics and personal finance in high school and community colleges, liberal arts colleges, K-12 professional development courses, and courses for home school students and adult learners. The art of economic reasoning is presented in a non-mathematical way and common sense way.  The course integrates multimedia resources and includes many practical applications, especially in personal finance.  It is truly the one course in economics and personal finance from which individuals can benefit for life.

In addition to offering the course package at no charge to individual teacher-adopters and other non-commercial users across the country and around the globe, the Common Sense Economics team is excited to work with schools, colleges, and other institutions which might be interested in adopting the course system-wide.

If you think your institution might be interested in system-wide adoption, here are some options:

  1. Simply adopt the textbook Common Sense Economics (2016, St. Martins Press) as your required textbook. The course cartridge will then become available in Canvas. You can then migrate to other learning management systems, if they permit Canvas imports.
  2. Have us lecture or lead a private workshop for your instructors. At minimal or no charge, we are happy to provide your instructors with a half- or full-day workshop on the course content, pedagogical strategies, and overview on how to use technology to teach students in the new, media generation.  Email Professor Tawni Ferrarini, for details.
  3. Let us instruct the course online for you! If you currently lack sufficient instructional staff to teach basic economics and personal finance, we can arrange for qualified master’s and Ph.D. in economics – candidate instructors to teach the course for you online. Moreover, we believe we can do so in a way which saves money in your instructional budget. Please contact Professor Grant Black,  for more information on how this could work for you!




Email the Economic Education Center at Lindenwood University to adopt

Common Sense Economics or Common Sense Personal Finance