Learning economics through short video clips, classic readings, podcasts, and innovative assignments makes learning the “science of choice” fun, exciting, and relevant for your life. The Stavros Center for Economic Education of Florida State University and the Center for Economic Education and Entrepreneurship of Northern Michigan University have teamed up to offer these cutting-edge, online course in economics and personal finance throughout the year.

  • Who can sign up?
    Anyone can! It only takes 1-2 hours per week. It is recommended learners spend about two hours a week over a six week period, but it is self-paced. Each MOOC will have an open enrollment period for about two months.
  • What prior knowledge is required?
    None required, and the course is aimed at learners of all ages.
  • What will I learn in this course?
    Over 12-15 hours, you’ll learn about: (i) basic economics with special attention drawn to the role of private property, trade, and the systems of prices and markets; (ii) why some nations prosper; (iii) economic progress & the role of government; and (iv) how to be financially secure, build wealth, invest for the future, and lay the foundation for a satisfying life!
  • What is your reward?
    Knowledge and skills!  Plus, individuals earning 80 percent or higher in each of the topic areas mentioned above receive a digital badge.  This badge can be referenced on resumes, cited on applications, and linked to social media outlets.
  • Will I receive a certificate or course credit?
    College course credit is not available. For those successfully completing the MOOC, certificates are available.  Contact Dr. Ferrarini for registration details.
  • Common Sense Economics for Life! MOOC Calendar
    Fall 2016: Sept 12th – Dec 5th  (Register by clicking here.)
    Spring 2017: Jan 23rd – May 8th 
    Summer 2017: June 5th – July 17th
    Fall 2017: Sept 12th – Dec 5th
    Spring 2018: Jan 22nd – May 7th