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Common Sense Economics (2010) textbook adopters, join the Common Sense Economics network using your professional email.  Then email Tawni Ferrarini.  On confirmation that you are an active textbook adopter and verify that you are an instructor and not a creative student, you will be given secure access to a password-protected test bank.

Hot Topics

The Crash of 2008: Cause and Aftermath. By James Gwartney, David Macpherson, Russell Sobel, and Richard Stroup provides a comprehensive analysis of the current economic crisis. This crisis is likely to be the most important macroeconomic event of our lifetime. The Crash of 2008: Cause and Aftermath addresses the cause, analyzes the future, and considers the often ask question of whether we are headed for another Great Depression. Economic Crisis 2008 will help teachers communicate valuable information to students. Test questions are available in the secured test bank. Visit the Common Sense Economics Hot Topics page for other resources connected to the crisis.

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2010 Presentation and Learning Slides (PPTX, PDF)

The following downloads will provide instructional information that will help students connect common sense to the basic principles of economics, help students begin to “think like economists,” and provide important insights with regard to how the world really works.

  • Part I – The Twelve Key Elements of Economics –PPTXPDF
  • Part II – Seven Major Sources of Economic Progress – PPTX | PDF
  • Part III – Economic Progress and the Role of Government – PPTX | PDF
  • Part IV – Twelve Key Elements of Practical Personal Finance – PPTX | PDF